Red Hills Desert Garden

Today Jordan and I took a mini-adventure to Red Hills Desert Garden.  This is a brand new park perched along Red Hills Parkway (GPS coordinates, 37.11404, -113.57531.)  The park's focus is water conservation -- with any luck, all these gorgeous desert plants will convince local folks to landscape their own yards with drought-tolerant xeriscaping.

The garden was also built to showcase some of the native fish found in the Virgin River.  A bubbly artificial stream flowing through the park has been stocked with woundfin and chub.  I've been geeking out on native fish since I started my new job -- but I'll admit they're fairly small and elusive.  It can be hard to appreciate something you rarely get to see, and most people don't spend all day working in the river!  The huge viewing tanks in the park let people catch a glimpse of some of the watery critters that live in the Virgin River.

We spent an hour or so poking around the park.  It's small, interesting, and pretty -- definitely worthy of an afternoon mini-adventure!

bird of paradise + golden barrel cactus + desert marigold

baby saguaro

geeking out on native fish