Petroglyph National Monument

Day 2

The roadtrip continues!  On our way south to pick up Kim, Mom and I made a quick stop at Petroglyph National Monument.  Petroglyph is right outside Albuquerque, NM, so it was an easy stop along the way.  This place is busting at the seams with over 24,000 images pecked into stone.  400-700 years ago, Ancestral Puebloans carved these images into volcanic boulders that tumbled to the base of the West Mesa escarpment .  Petroglyphs are more than just rock art or writing -- they're powerful cultural symbols that reflect the complex culture of the surrounding tribes. 

Mom and I drove a couple miles north of the Visitor Center to check out the Boca Negra section of the park.  Here, we gawked at carvings of macaws, snakes, and enigmatic masks.  Honestly, Petroglyph NM is such an urban park that at first I was worried I wouldn't be impressed.  But these petroglyphs were so detailed and interesting that it was easy to overlook the suburbs and imagine myself in an ancient landscape.

macaw petroglyph 



Critter Pop circa 1500AD?