Paradise Rim Trail

Happy new year!  I'm starting 2016 with two months off work, which means Jordan and I can spend his days off together!  Sure, I'm a pro at solo adventures, but it's a blast hiking with my husband again.

Today we made the epic 5-minute drive (ha!) from our house to the Chuckwalla Trailhead of Snow Canyon State Park.  We spent the morning hiking past endless sandstone knolls, with big views of town below.  For a trail so close to home, it's pretty hard to beat.

Get there:
Nothing to it.  The Chuckwalla Trailhead is just north of the intersection of Highway 18 and Snow Canyon Parkway / Red Hills Parkway.  (GPS Coordinates 37.13823, -113.60475.)

Do it:
From the Chuckwalla Trailhead, there are tons of intersecting trails -- you have lots of options.  This time around, we made a 4-mile loop connecting Chuckwalla, Turtle Wall, Paradise Rim, and Halfway Wash Trails.  All the trail intersections are well marked, so navigation is simple if you have a park brochure.  This route would be brutal in the summer, but it was perfect for a 50Β°F degree winter day.

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