Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs l St. George

Enigmatic Rock Art in the Santa Clara River Reserve

Full-disclosure here:  I'm a novelty junkie.  For better or worse, I rarely hike the same trail twice.  But every once and a while, I find a trail that deserves a repeat visit.  The Tempi’po’op Trail up to Anasazi Ridge is one of those trails.  It's a St. George classic -- quick, close to town, and super-cool.  Our friend Diana is camp-hosting at Snow Canyon for a few months, so this afternoon we went on a hike to check out this ancient rock art.

Get there:

To get to Anasazi Ridge from I-15, take Exit 6, then turn north on Bluff Street. Turn left on Sunset Blvd.  Continue on Sunset Blvd as it turns into Santa Clara Drive.  Continue 3.2 miles past the Jacob Hamblin Home as Santa Clara Drive turns into Highway 91.  Turn left onto a gravel road framed by a ranch-style fence and travel 0.3 miles to the Anasazi Valley Trailhead.

Do it:

This is a quick, family-friendly hike.  It's 2.4 miles round-trip with moderate elevation gain.  Follow the Tempi’po’op Trail up to to a slew of sandstone boulders 240 feet above the Santa Clara River.  Tempi’po’op (pronounced tumpee poo oop) means “rock writing” in Southern Paiute, and these boulders are covered with enigmatic designs and figures.  The hike itself is open and exposed (i.e. don't do it mid-day during the summer,) but the trail is in great shape and lined with blooming hedgehog cacti.