Toquerville Falls

It's hot!  The longer we live in the desert, the better we get at sniffing out primo swimming holes.  They're few and far between, but they sooth our desiccated brains and make desert summers livable.  Our buddy Diana is visiting, so we all jumped into her truck and drove out to Toquerville Falls.  The falls are a secluded desert oasis on the outskirts of Zion National Park.  The road there is a little rough, but it was totally worth it to sprawl out on sandstone slabs and get sprayed by a trio of cascading waterfalls.

To get to Toquerville Falls, you'll need a high clearance vehicle -- 4WD is definitely helpful.  From St. George, head north on I-15 until you reach the Torquerville exit (Exit 27) to SR-17.  Drive 4 miles to town, then take the first left onto Spring Street, which you'll stay on for 5.8 miles.  The road starts off paved, turns into well-graded gravel, and finally ends with a sandy stretch -- you'll lose and gain a lot of elevation.  Stay right at the first fork you come across, 3.5 miles from Toquerville.  5.3 miles from town, you'll see the falls for the first time from the road.  Just after that, turn right at the next turn.  You can either park here and walk 0.2 mile to the, or use 4WD to drive down the final sandy stretch.