Moab Bike Path

Moab is justifiably famous for its mountain biking, but it also has some great road bike paths.  The newly expanded Moab Canyon Pathway is a designated bike path that runs through  some gorgeous red-rock scenery.  The bike path starts at the intersection of 191 and 313 (at the turnoff to Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park,) and runs parallel to 191 for 8.5 miles.  It then heads east along 128 and the Colorado River.  The 128 section is brand new trail and really nice.  Previously, cyclists had to share the windy road with gawking, destracted motorists, which was pretty sketchy.  Now, you can coast along super-smooth pavement and snazzy pedestrian bridges without any worry.  Great stuff.

I started my ride at the newly refurbished Lion's Park trailhead, which is just south of the 128 intersection.  I coasted along the 128 river corridor for a few miles, which was fantastic.  Seriously, it's a huge upgrade not having to worry about German tourists in rental RVs!  After a few miles, I flipped around and road north along the 191 section.  There are lots more hills on this section -- it was a great workout.