Urban Explorations

HOME.  It feels great to officially be in St. George.  It still doesn’t seem real (I keep feeling like I’ll have to drive back to Green River in a few days,) but I’ve spent this past week exploring the city and figuring out my new turf.  It’s fun being an urban explorer.  I like stumbling across great city parks, libraries, and coffee shops – it’s like discovering my new potential haunts.  I’m only here for 3 more days before I hit the trail, but this place is already imprinting on my memory.  It’ll be a nice place to come back to.  :)

surveying our new turf

everyone should live in a city with palm trees once in their life, right?

mi casa (AKA the Keebler Elf House)

apricot, almond, and pear trees in the back yard

Frankie digging the fruit trees. :)

100+ degrees for weeks (months?) on end.

Padre gearing up for his big adventure.

good food!  live music!