Wedge Overlook + Buckhorn Wash

This was Mom and Dad's last weekend in Utah, so we decided to do a big day trip to the northern part of the San Rafael Swell.  The drive from I-70 past the San Rafael River, through Buckhorn Wash, and up to the Wedge Overlook is pretty incredible.  We gawked at amazing red-rock scenery, dinosaur prints, and rock art.  Good stuff.

Our first stop was the Swinging Bridge over the San Rafael River.

my parents' dog Rocko + Frankie = chaos incarnate

We drove a couple miles up the road to check out the Buckhorn Wash petroglyphs.

great rock art / terrible graffiti

We finally made it to the Wedge Overlook (AKA The Little Grand Canyon.)  This is still one of my favorite places in Utah -- we did a backpacking trip through the gorge in September 2012.

On our way back home, we found the dinosaur print!  Jordan and I have done this drive several times before, but we saw a lot of new stuff this time around.  It just goes to show that different people, different weather, different light, etc. can really change the feel of a trip.  There's always more to see.

My favorite map for the San Rafael Swell is on the Emery Country Travel website.  To get to the Wedge from Green River, follow the orange "Cottonwood/Buckhorn Wash" and the green "Wedge Overlook" routes.  They're both fine for passenger cars unless the weather is particularly nasty.  The roads were snowy on this trip, so Mom and Dad threw cables on their tires with no problems.