Pa’rus Trail

I love National Parks.  I love my dog.  Unfortunately, 99% of the time, the two have to be mutually exclusive because National Parks don’t allow dogs on their hiking trails.  Of course I get it -- dogs chase wildlife, they’re annoying on crowded trails, and not everyone is as enamored with my 90lb dog as I am.  Point taken.  But every once and a while the stars align, the holy grail is found, and I discover a trail in a National Park where dogs are allowed.  Cue Zion’s Pa’rus Trail!

 Zion National Park is less than an hour’s drive from our house (yay!) so today I loaded Frankie into the car and drove east.  Ominous clouds were threatening, but we decided to go for it anyway.  The Pa’rus Trail is a super-easy paved path that starts at the Visitor Center and skirts the Virgin River for 1.8 miles.  We meandered across pretty footbridges while gawking at the towering red and white walls of Zion Canyon.  Frankie’s favorite parts were the spur trails down to the Virgin River (duh.)  The path was busy with cyclists and other dog walkers, but if you think of it as a stroll in the park instead of a proper hiking trail, it’s tons of fun.

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