Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site

The Arizona Strip.  Just saying the name out loud gives me the jeebies.  It’s the End of the Earth, No Man’s Land, and undoubtedly a great place to wait out the Zombie Apocalypse.  Pull out your Arizona atlas (or, let’s be real, open up Google Maps,) and check out that big hunk of land north of the Grand Canyon and south of the Utah border.  It’s vast, remote, and almost devoid of pavement.  The only towns on the strip are Hildale (think fundamentalist sister-wives) and Littlefield (population 308.) That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Arizona Strip.  Time to dig in.

terra incognita

Okay, okay, maybe Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site doesn’t exactly qualify as digging.  It’s only 10 miles southeast of St. George and the road to the trailhead is all pavement and good gravel.  But you gotta start somewhere, right?  Anyway, Little Black Mountain is a large rock art site created by the people of the Great Basin, Western Anasazi, and Lower Colorado River.  It’s covered with over 500 images depicting 6,000 years of human habitation.  An easy half-mile path takes you past hundreds of images of anthropomorphs, bears prints, sheep, etc.  While no single figure really jumped out at me, the sheer number of images and ease of access makes it worth the trip.

To get to Little Black Mountain, head south from St. George along I-15 to Southern Parkway.  Drive east about 3 miles until you hit the River Road exit, right on the Utah / Arizona state line.  Take Quail Hill Road (BLM road 1069) ¼ mile from the state line, then turn left (east) and follow the signs 4.5 miles to the parking area.  The road is gravel but in excellent shape – I had no problem in a 2WD passenger car.