Kanarra Falls

FALL!  Oh man, this is good stuff.  Autumn is my favorite season in the desert, but it comes late to this super-toasty corner of the state.  It's the end of October and the temperatures are still in the mid-80s, (although after 4 months of 100+ degrees, the 80s feel pretty fantastic.)  Leaves are changing colors, critters are migrating, and I'm soaking it all up.

near the parking lot

Today, we decided to drive up to the sleepy town of Kanarraville to hike the Kanarra Falls Trail.  This is a quick, easy hike through a pretty sandstone canyon just outside the Kolob Canyons section of Zion National Park.  It starts out wide and leafy before the orange walls gradually narrow into a classic desert slot.  The water is definitely chilly, but don't bother trying to keep your feet dry -- it's a lost cause, so just jump in and enjoy!

After about 1.3 miles, we reached a narrow part of the canyon with a ladder and a waterfall.  Frankie couldn't handle the ladder, so we had to turn around.  (I wish I had take a video of her freaking out -- she CAN NOT DEAL with Jordan climbing up scary things.  Ridiculous.)  I'd like to head back one day to explore the rest of the canyon, but it was still a great hike.


To get to the Kanarra Falls trailhead, drive to the town of Kanaraville.  If you're coming from St. George, take the exit off I-15, then drive north on Old Highway 91 into town. Turn east (right) on 100 North and drive to the end of the road.  There's a large, new parking lot, although the parking fee is $10.  If you don't want to pay and don't mind adding a half mile to your hike, park your car at Town Hall.

heading into the narrows

Frankie CAN NOT DEAL when Jordan climbs up scary things