Reserva Natural Absolute Cabo Blanco

Montezuma is just a few miles from the Cabo Blanco Reserve, and we had heard good things about a 2-hour hike leading to a postcard-perfect beach, complete with white sandy beaches and turquoise water.  We met up with one of our new buddies from Alaska and went to check it out.

The forest in Cabo Blanco Reserve felt different from the rainforests of Monteverde.  For one thing, it was hot and humid with absolutely no breeze.  Sweltering.  After trekking for only 30 minutes, we were completely drenched with sweat.  The animals were different, too.  Jordan spotted howler monkeys, crazy-eyed squirrels, and spooky spiders.  The whole experience was dense, thick, and wild.

After 2 hours of hiking, we reach the light at the end of the green tunnel -- the BEACH.  It was totally worth it.  The view was incredible, the water was a perfect temperature, and we saw hundreds of pelicans flying in formation overhead.  Unfortunately we could only stay a half hour before starting the trek back -- we ended up scrambling to catch the last bus back to Montezuma.  Great day.

I have to squeeze in some photos of the capuchin monkey that lived near our hostel.  He was cute, but super ornery.  His favorite thing to do was peel back the corrugated tin roof and let it smash back into place.

fiery-billed aracari

On our last night in Costa Rica, we got together with a group of friends from Alaska and Montreal and went out for dinner and drinks.  Great food, lots of wine, and funny travel stories.  It was the perfect way to end our trip.