Ferry to Montezuma

Strange but true:  living in the desert gave me tree claustrophobia.  The landscape is so open in the southwest -- the skies go on forever and you can see mountain ranges hundreds of miles away.  After too long in the desert I start to crave trees, but the opposite is also true.  Sometimes a dense, tall forest with no end in site makes me feel socked in.  I noticed it for the first time when I went to visit MittyK last summer in Oregon.  After a few days, in the woods, I need to find the edge of the world and see some open space.  It was time to get to the ocean.

Jordan and I started our epic migration from Monteverde to Montezuma -- a tiny relaxed village at the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula.  We caught a shuttle from the rainforest to the coast, then caught a ferry to the peninsula.