The Juggler

The big Costa Rica trip is coming up, so we've been hoarding our money and staying close to home for the past couple weekends.  I'm not very good at sticking around, but I have to admit, sometimes it's nice to explore your own back yard.  This weekend we poked around the mid-San Rafael Swell looking for rock art and arches.

On Sunday we drove west towards Ferron to find 'The Juggler' panel.  The area around the Molen reef is packed with obscure rock art panels, but not many of them are marked or signed, so it's definitely a scavenger hunt out there.  I found directions to the Juggler by asking around at the Museum of the San Rafael Swell in Castle Dale.  It's a small museum, but it's packed with really local, site-specific artifacts, and the staff is great at pointing you in the right direction.

To find the Juggler, get on the Moore Cutoff Road (County Road 803.)  We were coming from Green River, so from I-70 we took exit 116.  Just after mile marker 8 (and just before the parking lot for the well-known Molen Reef snake panel,) there's a little dirt road to the right (north.)  Turn off here, open up the gate, and drive a few yards towards the cliff wall.  The Juggler is located on a big boulder facing away from the road.  Sweet!