Ascending Sheep

Usually I'm pretty good at making adventures happen.  I get an idea in my head, bone up on research, and DO IT.  But the Ascending Sheep rock art panel near the Molen Reef has been my nemesis for the past six months.  The first time I saw a photo, I was totally mesmerized by this 1000-year-old image of a ram -headed anthropomorph surrounded by tiny, detailed bighorn sheep.  I get fixated on things -- time to find it.

On three separate occasions, I've busted out to look for this panel.  No luck.  The internet was exasperatingly vague -- I found dozens of photos of Ascending Sheep, but no one gave detailed directions.  To a certain extent the treasure-hunt-style quest adds to their appeal, but I was definitely getting frustrated.

At long last, today was the day.  I'm really lucky -- my boss likes to hike around while we talk about the park.  It definitely beats sitting in an office and I feel like we come up with more creative ideas trekking around looking for rock art.  So we busted out on a mission to find Ascending Sheep.   FINALLY one of my work buddies spotted the panel -- it was tiny, clear, and detailed.  Wunderbar!