Meadow Hot Springs + Territorial Statehouse

Blech.  We had good intentions of going mountain biking this weekend, but I caught a stubborn bug and feel like sh*t.  And Frankie just got spayed (poor baby!), so we've been moping around and didn't feel up for a big adventure.  Still, after being cooped inside all week, I had to get out of the house.  We decided to drive out Fillmore, UT to soak in Meadow Hot Springs.  Soaking in warm water was about all I was up for, and it ended up being a really nice, relaxing weekend.

Since we were headed in that direction anyway, we decided to check out the Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum.  Back in the 1850s, Mormon pioneer Brigham Young wanted Fillmore, UT to become the state's capitol.  However, only the south wing of the building was completed, and only one full session was held in the old statehouse before the seat of government was returned to Salt Lake City in 1858.


The Territorial Statehouse is full of old photographs and historic pioneer artifacts.  It's a cinch to find -- just drive to 50 W. Capitol Avenue, Fillmore, UT, just off the town's main street.

After checking out the museum, we drove a few miles southwest of Fillmore to soak in Meadow Hot Springs.  The springs are a set of crystal-clear turquoise pools in the middle of a grassy, yellow field.  Its temperature hovers around 100 degrees, which was perfect for a late fall afternoon.

A couple things to keep in mind:  The springs are on private property.  The owner has made several nice improvements, including building a trail, fence, and lining the pools with rocks.  Make sure you follow the rules and clean up after yourself.  We realized too late that dogs weren't allowed, so we left Frankie near the car to nap.  No problem.

To get to Meadow Hot Springs, take the Meadow exit 158 south of Fillmore on I-15.  Turn left at the stop sign and go under the freeway.  You'll pass a Shell station on the right and be heading south.  Keep going south out of the town of Meadow (about 1.5 miles) until you pass the last buildings on the left.  Shortly after passing the buildings on the left you will see a well graded dirt road on the right.  This road will take you back over I-15.  On this road you will see several roads heading off in different directions, just stay on this road heading west until you get to the parking area -- you can‘t miss it.  The spring is located about 150 yards from the parking area.