Costa Rica

Heyo!  The next couple weeks most definitely do not qualify as 'red rock' adventures.  On Sunday, Jordan and I are hopping on a plane to escape the freezing Utah winter and heading to the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica.  Sweetbabyjebus, I'm excited.  I haven't been abroad since my 2010 trip to Ireland, and this will be Jordan's first time outside the country.  This seems like the perfect way to celebrate my 30th birthday in style and introduce my husband to my slightly unhealthy Lonely Planet obsession.  Red team go!

Lonely Planet = crack

Like all epic trips, this one started as a persistent tick in the back of my skull.   I knew I wanted to do something big and slightly ostentatious for the big 3-0.  I also had a funky work schedule this year and had to stick around for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, but could take a big hunk of time off after the first of the year.  Pretty soon the gears started turning, and I started fantasizing about cloud forests, colorful frogs and palm trees.  I bought a bunch of guide books, convinced Jordan to get a passport, brushed up on my non-existant Spanish skills, booked the flight, and voila!  We're off!