We just got back from an afternoon at OuterBike -- a 3-day mountain bike expo near Moab.  One of our buddies who works for Western Spirit Cycling Adventures organizes the event, and it was really impressive to see everything come together.  OuterBike is a chance for mountain bike manufacturers to showcase next year's bikes -- Rocky Mountain, Ibis, Yeti, Kona, and Santa Cruz were all there.  The $150 registration fee buys you lunches, shuttle rides, prizes, movies, and entrance to evening parties.  The best part was the chance to ride all the supersnazy demo bikes -- the event was located at the Brands Trailhead, so you could bust out from the tent city and ride as many $5000 bikes as you could handle.  Niiiiice.

I grabbed a Julianna Juno and hit the trails.  At first it was nerve-wracking riding a bike worth more than my car, but I got over it and started to enjoy the ride.   It was feather-light, the suspension was cushy, and the women-specific geometry fit me perfectly. It was a blast to ride crazynice bikes I would never pay for in real life, although it might be hard going back to my cheapie Motobecane 500T now that I know what I'm missing!