Wiggle it just a little bit ...

These last couple days have been bizarre.  I'll get you up to speed:  a couple guys posted a video of themselves knocking over a goblin in the park.  The case is still under investigation, so I can't write too much, but I think the video speaks for itself:

Ugh.  So of course I'm pissed.  We sort of expected the local press to be interested in the story, but weirdly enough, this thing went viral.   The phone has been buzzing constantly with calls from people across the country, the YouTube video has 3.5 million hits (as of 10:00 AM 10/19/13) and I spoke with folks from NBC, ABC, and CBS national news.  We're even seeing articles from the international press and I'm doing an interview tonight with the BBC!

I'm still not totally sure why this thing is getting so much press, although I have a couple suspicions.  I think it ties in with a lot of topics that have been making the news lately -- the National Park shutdown, Boy Scouts, etc.  And the video is ridiculous (I still can't get "wiggle it just a little bit" out of my head -- gross.)  But I hope some good things come out of this whole mess -- we've gotten tons of supportive calls and emails from people all over the country.  Maybe this will draw attention to Utah State Parks and get a discussion going about preserving places like this.

And it doesn't hurt that two of my photos were on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams -- heyo! Too bad they can't spell ...


NBC Night News screen capture

NBC Night News screen capture