The Big Ol' Promotion

Whoa!  Sometimes life moves at warp speed, and this month has been a big one.  I went up to Oregon to interview for a park job on the coast, but that didn't work out.  THEN my boss got a big ol' promotion and is moving on to greener pastures up in Salt Lake City, leaving me to fill his shoes.  So that means as of August 3, I'll be the Park Manager of a three-park complex!  And in the meantime we're having the wedding reception and going on our honeymoon.  It's all good stuff, but ... yikes.

So with all that in mind, the blog might have to go on hiatus for a couple months while I'm running around like a crazy person.  I'll still try to post, but cut me some slack if things are a little half-assed!  Wish me luck!