Redtail Aviation Scenic Flight

Holy sh*t, this weekend was amazing!  I finally checked a big item off my bucket list and took a scenic flight over Canyonlands.  As long as I've lived in Utah, I've wanted to hop in a tiny plane and get a bird's-eye view of the red rock desert below.  Sufficed to say ... it was amazing.

We booked the Canyonlands Tour with Red Tail Aviation, then drove to the tiny Moab airport in the morning.  We hopped in the Cessna 172 with our pilot Jim and took off.  The views were incredible, Jim was a fantastic guy, and we took some great photos.  It was amazing, even though I got a little green when we hit turbulents.   But besides all that... seeing this world from the air gave me a deep sense of satisfaction.  I've spent the last 5 years hiking, biking, and kayaking all over this desert and seeing everything from ground level.  But being up at 7,000' let me see the big picture -- a landscape that can seem like a convoluted maze suddenly revealed its order and patterns.  I could look across an endless red world of spires, canyons, buttes, and mountains to see how everything fit together.  Seriously amazing.  I can't seem to find the right words to do it justice, so I'll let the photos take it from here:

confluence of the Green & Colorado Rivers

Dead Horse Point State Park