Klonzo Mtb. Trails

We just hit the mountain bike trail jackpot!  After all the running around and planning of getting married last week, we were in the mood to take it easy and stay close to home.  Jordan had been hearing good things about the Klonzo Trail near Moab, so we drove an hour south to the trail head to check it out.

It ended up being the perfect spring day: 70 degrees, a sky was filled with puffy white clouds, and blooming desert flowers.  And the trails were incredible!  It was a totally different kind of Moab riding.  Moab trails tend to be technical and rocky (Slickrock, anyone?), but my favorite rides tend to be flowy and smooth like the volcanic tuft out in Fruita, CO.  Klonzo was the best of both worlds:  we had the red-rock desert of Moab with the flow trails of Fruita.  Awesome.


Like all the best trail systems, the Klonzo Trails make several concentric loop trails.  The seven trails of Klonzo are Boondocks, Borderline, Dunestone, Cross Canyon, Secret Passage, Snippet, and Wahoo.  Everything is ridiculously well marked -- there are signs at every intersection complete with 'you are here' markers.  You can piece the trails together however you want for a variety of riding experiences.

For the most part, these trails are smooth and flowy.  They're perfect for early-intermediate riders.  There are couple steep, tight spots and short climbs that might make true beginners nervous, but for the most part it's totally manageable.  Adrenaline junkies might be a little bored, but even more expert riders could enjoy these trails by riding faster and hammering out all the loops in a solid 12-mile ride.

To get to the Klonzo trailhead, drive along Highway 191 18 miles south of I-70 or about 10 miles north of Moab.  You'll see a sign that says "Willow Springs Road."  Turn here.  After about 1.4 miles, turn left to cross Courthouse Wash, and at mile 2.0 you'll go past the Soverign Trail parking area.  At mile 2.7, turn left off Willow Springs Road onto a small doubletrack.  100 feet later, park and begin your ride.

map credit:  blm.gov