Green River Daily

The wedding party extravaganza continues!  After a boozy BBQ Sunday night, a bunch of us woke up Monday to raft the Green River Daily.  The Green River Daily is a fun, splashy 9-mile section of river just north of town.  In general, the rapids are Class II+, although during spring run-off (flows greater than 8500 cfs) it can get pretty wild.  (Check water levels here.)  This weekend the river was at 10,200 cfs , which is definitely the highest I've ever run it!  Fun, but a little nuts.

This section of river takes you through towering gray walls, past old mining cabins and some really cool rock art.  You put in at Nefertiti Rapid and immediately encounter an easy rapid -- just run it straight down the middle.  After that, relax for four miles of flat water and lazy floating.  This flatwater stretch ends at Butler Wash, and from that point on the rapids come in quick succession.  After Butler comes Sand Knoll, followed by Stone House Rapid. Stone House Rapid has large boulders to negotiate. They are easy, but be ready for a little maneuvering -- typically you want to run in the center between the boulders.  Finish up by running Short Canyon Rapid and Swasey's Rapid.  The takeout is the obvious big boat ramp on the left below this final rapid.

To get to the Green River daily, start in the town of Green River.  Take Hasting Road, on the east side of town, and drive about 9 miles north to the takeout at Swasey's boat ramp.  There's a great sandy beach here with picnic tables and cottonwood trees.  Leave a car or a bike here.  Drive another 9 miles up the sandy dirt road to Nefertit Rapid, where you'll start your float.

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