Married at Capitol Reef!

We eloped!  I guess that doesn't really count as an 'adventure,' but we did putz around Capitol Reef National Park, which almost counts ... right?

I love Capitol Reef.  It's gorgeous (where else can you find blooming orchards in front of red cliffs?) and waaaay underrated.  I have no idea why it isn't as popular as some of Utah's other national parks, but I guess that's a good thing.  Also, it's definitely a cheeseball nostalgic place for Jordan and I -- we've spent a lot of weekends down there and it's where we had our first "What if we got married one day?" conversation.  We're still stoked to have a big family party this July back in Illinois, but it seemed right to have our actual ceremony out here.

I guess I'm failing at making this sound like a travel adventure, so let me try again:  We busted out for a three-day weekend at Capitol Reef and stayed at the Red River Ranch in Teasdale, UT.  The RRR is just outside the park, and it was definitely a swankier alternative to camping!  We stayed in the Saratoga Room, which had a little fireplace, a back porch overlooking an orchard (complete with a pony!), and a big new hot tub. The staff was really helpful and down-to-earth -- they totally understood what we wanted our wedding to be like and helped us make it happen.

We got married on May 13 in the park with just us, the officient, and our photographer (Gaylene Erwin.)  It was perfect.  :)  

Afterwards we went out to dinner at Cafe Diablo, which is also just down the road from the park in Torrey, UT.  Cafe Diablo is totally unexpected -- it's a Zagat-rated restaurant in the middle of rural Utah that specializes in fresh, upscale southwestern cuisine.  We went all out with trout, lamb, rattlesnake cakes (!?!), and homemade tarts, washed down with loads of margaritas.

Great weekend, great wedding.  Pretty excited to be married to the best guy in the entire world.  :)