Ferron Rock Art

This week, a couple of us from work busted out for a brainstorming / rock art finding roadtrip.  My bosses are the best -- instead of just sitting around an office making plans for the park, we drove around looking for rock art.  We always seem to come up with more creative ideas when we're exploring and hiking around.

Ferron Box

This week, we drove out towards Ferron to find some Fremont and Barrier Canyon rock art panels.  Our Region Manager is a pro at finding obscure, remote rock art panels and he can remember places he hasn't visited for 20 years!  So the rest of us followed his lead to find the rock art in the Ferron Box and Short Canyon.  Honestly, we went on so many unmarked dirt roads that I have no idea how we found these panels.  But if you're in the Ferron area, it's definitely worth poking around!

Short Canyon

Molen Reef Snake

more Short Creek