Horseback Riding Lessons

Yup, I have the coolest fiance in the history of the world.  For Christmas, Jordan got me horseback riding lessons at Green River Stables!  I've ridden horses several times before, but it's always been on quick, superficial trail rides.  Now I get to learn more about horse care, grooming, and psychology.  Sweet!

Jordan and I drove up to Green River Stables this morning for our first lesson.  It's a really comfortable, low-key place that offers trail rides, lessons, and boarding.  The stables are located right along the Green River with the Book Cliffs towering overhead -- it's definitely picturesque and quintessentially Wild West.  They don't have their own website, but they're located at 2735 North Long Street in Green River, UT and their phone is (435) 564-3554.

shedding their winter coats

We met the owner, Terry, who is really fun and down-to-earth.  She introduced us to Chester and Sooka, our horses for the day.  We groomed the horses, put on their bridles and saddles, and learned the proper way to approach and touch a horse.  

For the rest of the day, we got to ride around the pen and learn the basics -- different ways to sit in the saddle, getting the horses to go left and right, stopping, and going faster.  Towards the end of the lesson, Terry tried to teach us how to trot, which was tricky.  She explained trotting is the most efficient gate for a horse, but it's kind of rough on the rider.  I've ridden a trotting horse before and it totally kicked my ass, but Terry showed us a couple different techniques and by the end we sort of got it.  

It was great -- I've always really liked horses, but this gave me a whole new level of understanding.  Definitely looking forward to the next lesson!

Jordan + Chester