Bike Touring

Early spring weather is perfect for bike rides, so we decided to go on a mini cycling tour this weekend.  Bike touring is when you mix backpacking and road biking  -- you load all your camping gear into panniers or a trailer and hit the road.  We've been geeking out on the Adventure Cycling Association website the America ByCycle blog, and I had some new panniers I wanted to try out.

panniers vs. trailer

old route 24

It was fun!  We stayed close to home and tooled around SR-24, then camped tucked away off the side of the road.  Even though I drive this road to work every day, I noticed a lot more at this pace.  Honestly, I'll probably always gravitate more towards hiking -- I like the simplicity of less gear and wild places further from pavement -- but I can imagine covering a lot of ground this way it seems like a great way to see the country.