Crystal Geyser

On the second day of Shasta's visit, we took a quick trip to check out Crystal Geyser.  Crystal Geyser is a rare example of a cold water geyser located along the banks of the Green River.  The geyser was created by an exploration well drilled in 1935 in an attempt to locate oil.  The ground water near the geyser has loads of dissolved carbon dioxide, which can create enough pressure to force groundwater to the surface in big eruptions up to 40 meters high!

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the eruption.  Crystal Geyser is pretty unpredictable -- it can go off anywhere between every hour to 24+ hours!  Even though we weren't lucky enough to see an eruption, it was still a cool place to visit.  The area surrounding the geyser is covered in thick layers of an orange travertine mineral brought up by years of eruptions.

To get to the Crystal Geyser, take the east Green River exit (exit 164). Go south, then east (left) onto the frontage road that parallels the highway. After 2.2 miles, turn south (right) and continue 3.5 more miles to a junction. Go right, and travel about 0.5 miles to the geyser.