White Wash Sand Dunes

Brrr … winter is finally here!  It was windy and in the 40s, but we bundled up, hopped into the truck, and drove out to White Wash Sand Dunes Open OHV Area.

During the busy season, White Wash is swarming with ATVs and dirt bikes, but on this chilly December day, we had the place to ourselves.  The whole desert was really silent and surreal -- we hiked around orange sand dunes blown up against Entrada sandstone bluffs.  Sand dunes always remind me of scalding desert summers, so the contrast between its appearance and the icy wind was really cool.  Tenacious cottonwood trees branch out interspersed among the dunes, relying on underground pockets of water to grow.

To get to Wish Wash Sand Dues, drive 13 miles east of Green River on Interstate 70 until you reach the "Floy" exit 175.  Drive south for about 12 miles, following the signs and making sure to bear rights after 4.5 miles.  Park at one of the large parking areas just west of the dunes.