Skiing @ Powderhorn

Oh man, we finally went skiing!  How have I lived in Utah for almost 5 years and never gone downhill skiing?  No excuse.  We finally had decent snow this week, so we drove 40 miles east of Grand Junction, CO for the opening weekend of Powderhorn Mountain Resort!

So much fun!  Honestly, Jordan and I are both terrible skiers (the last time we both went was in high school, where a ski trip to *Iowa* was considered pretty awesome,) so we stuck to the beginner slopes, biffed a lot, and had a great time.  I really like the vibe at Powderhorn.  It's a nice mountain with good snow, but it's not really expensive or pretentious.  Even though we live near some world-class skiing (Park City! Telluride! Aspen!) it definitely doesn't make sense to blow a bunch of cash on those places until we get better.  Powderhorn was a great place to build up our non-existent skills.

We stayed a couple nights in the teeny-tiny town of Mesa, CO at the Wagonwheel Motel, which is only 4 miles from the slopes.  Mesa doesn't have much going on, but the motel was nice (in the elk-head-on-the-wall type way,) and we had some great food at Blink Twice.

On our second day out, we decided to snowshoe way up on the mesa.  We rode the West End lift up to the top, where Snow Patrol told us that no one had done the trail yet.  But the path was well-marked with blue blazes, so we decided to push on towards the Take Four lift anyway.  SWEETBABYJEBUS...  busting new trail through 3 feet of powder at 10,000 feet was one of the toughest things I've ever done (not gonna lie, Jordan led the way 99% of the time.)  But it was totally worth it -- it was gorgeous up there!  Lots of spruce, aspen, blue skies, and pure white snow.  It was totally quiet in that way only a snow-covered forest can be.  Perfect.

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