The Big Move

Okay!  After hemming and hawing for a couple months, we finally decided to make the big move to the buzzing metropolis of Green River, UT.  I'm still working at Goblin Valley and Jordan is still at Dead Horse Point, meaning we each have an hour commute each day in opposite directions.  Driving so much sucks, but after four years living in the middle of nowhere and two years dating long distance, it'll be nice to live in town together.  If there's one things I've learned about rural Utah it's this:  civilization is relative!

Honestly, Green River (pop. 973) is pretty run down.  It had its heyday as a military base back in the 1960-70s when it was an annex of the U.S. Army's White Sands Missile Range.  But when the base shut down, Green River almost turned into a ghost town.  The main street is lined with boarded-up businesses and the average yearly per-capita income hovers around $11,326.  There are a few hotels for the I-70 truck/tourist traffic, but most people push on after one night.

Of course, if you look hard enough, there are some great places in town.  You can grab burgers and beers at Ray's Tavern -- a river rat mecca.  The John Wesley Powell Museum tells the history of the famous explorer and the rivers he mapped. Our new house is right along the Green River Golf Course (as you can tell by the holes in the siding.)  Swasey's Beach is a great place for a lazy Sunday swim.  The grocery store carries tofu ...

But honestly, Green River's real attractions start once you leave town. Green River State Park is the put-in for the Labyrinth Canyon flatwater trip.  Up river, there's the Green River Daily whitewater stretch.  Green River is also a great hub to explore the northern San Rafael Swell and the Book Cliffs with loads of hiking, rock art, and mountain bike trails.  Moab is only an hour away.  I doubt we'll end up in Green River forever and ever, but I think we'll have a good time while we're here.  :)

beers @ Ray's Tavern