Intrepid Trail @ Dead Horse Point

My sister Megan is out visiting!  HOORAY!  I love this kid and we always have a superfun time together.  She's hanging out in Utah for the next 2 weeks and we're packing in the deserty adventures.  I have to work, but the other Goblin folks are doing a great job keeping her entertained (i.e. Blue John Canyon and loads of Rolling Rock.)  Good stuff.


On my days off we oscillated between turbo-girly (bought a wedding dress!) and epic (mountain biking!)  We swiped Jordan's mountain bike and went up to Dead Horse Point's Intrepid Trail.  This was Meg's first time on a mountain bike, so I wanted to pick something fun and easy.  But I totally didn't need to worry about it -- this girl is a TANK.  It was her first time out, but she was totally fearless.  Awesome.

Sister = BOSS


To get to the trail, you drive into Dead Horse Point State Park, pay the $10 entrance fee, and find the trailhead near the Visitor Center.  The trail is well-marked with signs at the intersections.  It consists of three concentric loops -- the Intrepid Loop (1.1 miles,) Great Pyramid Loop (4.2 miles,) and Big Chief Loop (8 miles.)  The trail surface is mostly packed with magnesium chloride, which is great to ride on.  It also doesn't have many big uphill sections or tricky technical chunks.  There are a couple spots where we hopped off to walk, but not a big deal.  Nice.

Half of the trail hugs the cliff's edge, which is incredible.  It's not close enough to be sketchy, but you get expansive views of the red-rock desert and the La Sals mountains.  Pretty hard to beat.  :) 

off-trail at the DHP lookout

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