ATVs to the Muddy River

Okay.  Most of the time, I do my due diligence as a tiny-car-driving, NPR-donating, vegetarian tree hugger.  But every so often, I get a touch of the redneck and start drooling over big tires, lift kits, and cowboy boots.  Today was definitely one of those days -- Megan, Jordan, and I borrowed two ATVs and a dirt bike and busted out from Goblin Valley towards the Muddy River.  Yeehaw!

slippery Bentonite mud

The ride from Goblin Valley to the Muddy River is really easy as far as ATV routes go.  It's 28-miles round trip, and you can definitely drive it in a full-sized 4WD vehicle.  (A 2WD with high clearance might be able to make it, but you'd be clenching your cheeks over a couple parts!)  But what it lacks in technical challenge, it makes up for with great views.  You skirt the San Rafael Reef, ride down Wild Horse Wash, then coast through some gorgeous Bentonite Hills with Factory Butte looming in the background.  We had plans to cross the Muddy River, but the lowlands were a huge mud pit and we didn't want to get stuck.  On a good day, you can ford the river and make it all the way down to Swing Arm City, which turns the redneck factor up to 11!

Factory Butte

Reneck extravaganza!