We're Gettin' Hitched!

Awwwww hey!  We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming because ... WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!  I was all ready to write a blog entry about hiking around the La Sal Mountains, but sufficed to say I'm a little distracted now.  Dark Canyon Lake was already one of my favorite places, but this seals the deal.  It's a pretty little alpine lake on the east side of La Sal Mountains -- loads of pine trees and jumping fish.  We pulled the teardrop and set up camp right on the lake's edge.  During the day a couple people were fishing and hanging out on the shore, but eventually we had the place all to ourselves.  Pretty romantical, eh?  I can't wipe this huge goofy grin off my face. :)

So in my girly, gooshy haze I've been scanning over old photos and remembering all the adventures Jordan and I have been on together.  We've covered some ground and explored some really incredible places, and marriage seems like our next big adventure.  Jordan kicks ass and I can't imagine anyone I'd rather have as my travel companion and partner in crime.  I can't wait to be old people sitting in our rocking chairs thinking about all the cool stuff we did together.  Yay!

dogsitting Chaco and Cholla

BIG TREE.  Thanks for the head's up.