South Dakota -- Wind Cave National Park

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for VACATION 2012!  For a week and a half, 'Red Rock Adventures' will become 'Black Hills Adventures' as Jordan and I head up to South Dakota for summer vacation.  I know South Dakota doesn't sounds like the most riveting destination, and as a fugitive from the flatlands, I was skeptical at first.  But as we started researching the trip my mental image changed from flat plains to granite pinnacles, monster caves, bison, and canyon waterfalls.  Sweet!

Jordan's buddy Trenton and his wife Kathleen live in Brookings, SD where they go to South Dakota State.  We'll meet up with them at Custer State Park on the second day of our vacation, but Jordan and I spent the first day by ourselves at Wind Cave National Park on their Wild Cave Tour.  Wind Cave was amazing!  The surface of swaying grasses and prairie dogs cover a labyrith that makes up one of the world’s longest caves.  Its name comes from barometric winds that make a whooshing sound at the cave entrance. 

Jordan and I went on their Wild Cave tour, which was ridiculously cool.  The Park Service suits you up with knee pads, helmets, and headlamps.  Then you crawl after a ranger for four hours through tiny crevasses and echoing chambers.  There were loads of the rare boxwork formations.  It was seriously surreal and very cool.  I wish I had more photos, but we weren't allowed to bring cameras along because the squeezes were so tight!