Fisher Mesa Dinosaur Tracks

When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a paleontologist.  I still geek out pretty hard with anything related to dinosaurs, so our afternoon trip to see the Fisher Mesa dino tracks was fantastic.

From Moab, it takes about an hour of driving to get to the dino tracks.  Take the River Road (Hwy 128) to the Castle Valley turnoff.  Head up Castle Valley and follow the signs toward Gateway; don’t turn onto the Loop Road.  The paved road climbs as it gains elevation.  The dino tracks aren't signed, but there's a small pull-off on the left just before the road turns to gravel.

We lucked out.  It had rained earlier that afternoon, so the 3-toed tracks were filled with water and really easy to see.  The view from the lush alpine forest down across the red rock desert wasn't bad, either!

Sarah feet vs. dinosaur feet

crazy sediment in the Colorado River