Dead Horse Point State Park

This was a pretty low-key weekend.  Jordan's buddy, Nathan, was on leave from Afghanistan so he came out to visit.  We took him up to Dead Horse Point State Park to show him where Jordan works and hike the Rim Trail.

The Rim Trail takes you along the perimeter of the park mesa, 2,000 feet above the Colorado River.  The entire hike is one killer view after another -- you're overlooking Canyonlands, the LaSal Mountains, and a gooseneck of the Colorado River.  The hike is 5 miles long and fairly flat and easy.  Great bang for your buck!

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There are loads of other great things to do at Dead Horse Point.  I still haven't ridden their new mountain bike trail, but it's definitely on the short list.  It's one of the few mountain bike trails near Moab that's geared towards families and beginners.  The park also has lots of interpretive programs, an art gallery, and the Pony Expresso Coffee Shop.  Nice!

Intestine Man rock art on the drive up to DHP