New mountain bike!

I've lived in southeast Utah for almost four years, so it was high time I got a mountain bike!  I ordered a Motobecane 500T and the box came in the mail this week.  We put it together, tuned it up, and hit the trail.  I was pretty excited as we put the bike together -- it looks great.  Sure, it's not one of the $5000 bikes you see all over Moab, but I liked the classic lines and brushed gray color.

The first trails we rode were called (ahem) EZ and Lazy.  The names bruise my ego a little bit, but I'd definitely rather start easy than eat face!  They're part of the MOAB Brand Trail system, located 7.5 miles north of Moab on the east side of US-191.  You get to the trail head by turning right at the Bar-M Chuckwagon.  It's a 3.1-mile lollypop-shaped singletrack loop inserted inside the Bar M loop.  The trail was fairly smooth with a couple rocky outcrops.  The whole area has great views of the La Sal Mountains and Arches National Park.

We did a couple laps, and I felt way more confident the second time around.  My ass felt like hamburger the next day, but I think my bones will get tougher the more I ride.  A pair of shammy shorts won't hurt either.  :) 

MOAB Brand Trail System.  EZ and Lazy are light blue. (Map credit: