Capitol Reef

Spring in the desert is bipolar.  It seems like the weather is either fantastic or awful, and we had both this weekend.  The forecast looked a little dicey, but what the hell -- we loaded up our gear and drove south to Capitol Reef National Park.  Capitol Reef is one of my favorite parks in Utah.  I'm not sure why it doesn't get the same hype as Arches, Bryce, and Zion.  It has so much going on -- soaring rock cliffs, epic backpacking trips, rock art, historic orchards, and PONIES.  Love it.

Today, however, Capitol Reef greeted us with a lovely mix of snow and rain.  Eh.  Instead of braving the elements, we spent a snazzy town day in Torrey.  We hung out with Cody and his dog at Backcountry Outfitters, then grabbed lunch and chocolates next door at the Red Desert Candy Company.  

It was cold that night too, so we curled up inside the teardrop trailer.  Jordan built the teardrop a couple years ago, and it makes winter camping soooo much nicer.  I'm an unabashed wimp when it comes to cold, and it's nice to cozy up inside a little fort when the temperature drops.

The next morning was sunny and warmer, so we hit the trail.  We hiked the loop around Chimney Rock, which showcased a cacophony of colors and towering cliffs.  The trail takes you up high enough to see soaring vistas, but it isn't a lung-buster.  Great way to start the season.

Chimney Rock Loop